A Student’s Guide to Filling Free Time…

With in-person classes cancelled and exams finally over students now have a ton of free time on their hands. This is the time to pick up a new hobby, read the book you always wanted to read, catch up on shows, learn a new language, do some yoga, relax for a while and so much more.

But whatever you’re doing, whether it’s being more productive than ever before or baking and binge-watching shows; do what makes you happy! Remember to not productivity shame others, everyone is different. It’s your free time and you’re in charge so pick something you enjoy and be happy doing it. 

Check out our list below for some recommendations from ProWiBo on what to do now that you have some spare time!

PEAK – Brain Training App

Classes may be cancelled for the time being but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work out your brain. Try apps like PEAK that offer interactive games that can help train your brain in categories such as, memory, problem-solving, focus, mental agility and more. With 44 different games to choose from, you have your pick on which skill you want to train every day. 
We have linked the app below, click to download for Apple or Android phones.

Apple App Store
Android Google Play Store

Online Workout Videos

The gym may be closed due to government lockdowns and social distancing but don’t let that stop you from working out. Check out these awesome websites that have free workout videos for you to follow along to. 

Fitness Blender – free workout videos for every level

Chloe Ting – free workout programmes created by Instagram fitness influencer 

POPSUGAR Workouts – over 500 free strength, cardio, and dance workouts 

Yoga with Adrienne – free yoga videos for beginning to advanced levels

Do Yoga With Me – website with yoga videos for all levels

Cooking Deliciousness 

Regardless if you are a master chef or master baker or even just starting out because you’re stuck indoors, these websites are filled with recipes and cooking videos to help you on your culinary adventure. Have a laugh and cook some good food. There’s also plenty of cooking Instagram accounts that host Live cooking shows, be sure to check them out!

Eatwell 101 – website with recipes for every meal and all the small snack times in between

Cravings with Chrissy – yummy recipes to cook and funny commentary by Chrissy Teigen 

Catch Up On All The Good Shows

There have been so many new shows that have been released. Now that you have some free time why not binge a few? Take a look at what we’re watching & let us know if there’s anything that you’re bingeing that’s worth a watch.
Sit back and enjoy the show! Or movie! 

Disney+: Star Wars, Marvel or Old Disney Channel Shows (all Disney all the time)

Netflix: Tiger King, Love is Blind, The Witcher, Unorthodox, The Stranger, RuPaul’s Drag Race & more!

Amazon Prime: Parks & Recreation, New Amsterdam, Hustlers, Jack Ryan, John Wick & more!

Learn A New Language 

You don’t need to travel to learn a new language, you can do it from the comfort of your couch or bed if you want. There is a multitude of online resources that can help you in learning a new language. We have linked some apps/websites below to help you learn a new language. 


Memrise | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Duolingo | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Practice Some Meditation

Keeping calm amid all this panic is the new normal. One of the ways to keep calm and find a balance in your new life stuck inside is using meditation apps, like Headspace and Calm. Both are insanely good to centre yourself and find a few minutes of peace. Start off your mornings with a short meditation or end your busy workday with some yoga and meditation. Links below!

Headspace | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Calm | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Aura | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Breethe: Meditation & Sleep | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Smiling Mind | Apple App Store Android Google Play Store

Participate In Instagram Live Sessions

Add to your Instagram feed by following accounts that are hosting daily or weekly live sessions that contain workshops, dance parties, pub quizzes, cooking classes, theatre plays, move Q&A’s and more. We have linked some accounts below! We have also thrown in some virtual tours, walks, and travels that you can experience from the safety of your home. Check them out below!

TimeOutLondon – They have compiled the best live streams to watch, posted daily

MujiUSA – curated workshops of meditation to calligraphy from the Japanese retailer

Look Up London – virtual walking tours every Monday, Wednesday & Friday @2pm

The Hidden World w/ Google – virtual tours of US National Parks

Secret London – a website w/ articles & links to virtual tours of museums abroad and museums in London, Petra, the Great Barrier Reef, Mt Fuji in Japan, the Everest Base Camp & more

– an article with 6 virtual vacations you can take from your couch

There’s plenty of other activities that you can try now that you have some free time. We didn’t link all of the thousands of different activities so don’t limit yourself to just what’s on this list. You can try knitting or read the book you’ve been waiting to read. Or you can organise your desk and tidy up your kitchen after baking one or two trays of cookies. Try some bread-making or join in on virtual dance parties, pub quizzes or theatre screenings with TimeOut London. You can even get a canvas and paint what’s outside your window. This is just a few more ideas, but there’s so much more. Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we have to be bored, so try something new to do!

Let us know in the comments below & on social media what you’re doing in your free time!


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