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How to reference well and avoid plagiarism

With the new academic year around the corner, it’s about time you removed the cobwebs from your academic books and refreshed some of your study skills, especially referencing and avoiding plagiarism.  Plagiarism is defined as more »

Higher Education & Covid-19

This pandemic may force institutions of higher education to shut down completely or try to save themselves through merging with other universities or benefactors. Read our post about how higher education is adapting in this pandemic era.

A Student’s Guide to Filling Free Time…

With in person classes cancelled and exams finally over students now have a ton of free time on their hands. This is the time to pick up a new hobby, read the book you always wanted to read, catch up on shows, learn a new language, do some yoga, relax for a while and so much more. Check out our list blow for some recommendations from ProWiBo on what to do now that you have some spare time!

Call for Abstracts – Teaching through Gaming

In the education sector, it is well known that lecture and dictation-based teaching is not the most effective way for students to fully grasp and understand concepts. Conversely, games-based teaching provides a more engaging way more »