Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees has a global footprint in order to ensure a diversity of approach and allow PROWIBO to reach a wider audience. The trustees empower PROWIBO and help the management to run the charity effectively for the good of everyone. The trustees provide oversight and governance ensuring that PROWIBO can achieve our aims and objectives and remain compliant with relevant statutes.

Richard Adams

Richard Adams is an artist, technologist, educator and thinker. He has managed parallel careers in education and enterprise tech. Currently, he is the Principal Digital Architect (in Transformation) for the London North Eastern Railway.

In his tech roles, he was part of a team pioneering interactive TV in the ’90s, became senior manager in digital agencies across entertainment, games, and marketing. He produced many interactive TV programmes and games. For the last decade, he has been a consultant enterprise digital architect and manager in digital transformation at companies such the BBC, BSkyB, Aviva Plc, Proximus (Brussels), Microsoft Studios (Xbox), and the Royal Shakespeare Company. He is currently at TalkTalk.

In education he was a school head of department, and founded a university digital arts department; directly creating two under and two post-graduate degrees. He has taught at the London College of Fashion and more recently Birkbeck College London. Adams held a visiting professorship at the University of Salford and is currently a Senior Fellow at the University of Lincoln (one of the UK’s fastest-growing new universities). He also worked with Marc Lewis to get the School of Communication Arts off the ground. It is a radically modeled and work-focused college of creativity in London and now the UK’s most successful new advertising school. Furthermore, he has taught at and designed curriculum for every phase of education from 7 to 70 years of age.

He is a published author and has spoken at many conferences around the world. Richard is a member of the Society of Authors, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a BAFTA member. He is also a working and exhibiting computer artist and musician, having had one solo show of work this year, and released four albums of electronic classical music over the last four years. He writes for and co-produces their TECHnique podcasts and events (podcasts on iTunes), which are conversations about practice with working computer artists, performers, and designers.

Utterly committed to lifelong learning, he currently assists us at Professors Without Borders and is thinking about a model for art and design education that would be valid mid-and-late 21st century. In his role as chair, Richard also oversees communications and technology for Prowibo.

Frank Floessel

Frank K. Floessel got his Master’s Degree in electrical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and is an alumnus of the Entrepreneurial Master Programm at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At ETH Zurich he co-founded during his study time his first venture ETH Juniors, a student-run Junior Enterprise. After graduating he started his next company, an innovative swiss based recruiting company which he exited in 2015. Since then he has been an active investor and entrepreneur in the field of innovative technologies with a focus on Fintech and Crypto.

Piers Hedley

Piers Hedley has a background in corporate finance and has been working since 1987 as a consultant for International Ultra High Net-Worth families. He has a very successful track-record offering strategic advice to entrepreneur-owners and has assisted them through large-capital markets transactions. Mr. Hedley also acts as a non-executive ‘chairman’ for a number of private companies owned by clients. In addition, he provides pro-bono services to a range of charitable organizations, including his family’s charitable activities.

Lorna Mae Johnson

Honourable Lorna Mae Johnson, USA, is a native of Jamaica and resides in Beverly Hills California. Lorna holds a MS in Nursing/Midwifery and Finance and is the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Assistant Treasurer. She is also Honorary consul for Jamaica in Los Angeles and the Founder and CFO of the Advanced Family Care Medical Group Inc. A serial entrepreneur and a blockchain enthusiast, Lorna leads Veritaseum’s team (https// in political affairs, philanthropy, business development, as well as being a real estate investor. Lorna is also the founder of Compassion for Teen Life, a non-profit organization for women and girls, and an Essayist for the UN Foundation Women and Girls. Lorna currently sponsors twenty girls for their high school education in Malawi. Johnson was recently acknowledged by Investing in Women as one of seven wonder women of the world. She was also a past Lecturer/Clinical Professor at UCLA and past President of a local Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles. To add to her impressive credentials Lorna, was also an appointee of President Obama to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and his National Health Care committee. Lorna really is a force to reckon with as she is also a former international track-and-field athlete who qualified for the Olympics in the 100m dash.

Tessy de Nassau

Tessy is a Social Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Philanthropist, UNAids Ambassador, Public Speaker, Activist, and Mother. Tessy is founder and partner of the Global consultancy ‘Finding Butterflies’. Some of her clients’ projects include the new global partnership with the Montessori St. Nicholas Group in the UK and Vodaphone global. Tessy is also the newly appointed associate at LSEideas at the London School of Economics.

Her commitments to education can also be seen in her Foundation, Professors Without Borders – which brings top-level educators and global experts to the doorsteps of students worldwide, in order to develop talent. Moreover, Tessy is an ambassador for UNAIDS (Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls) and is the patron to UNA-UK. In the past, she spent five years in the Luxembourg military, during which she was deployed in Kosovo as a peacekeeper and only woman of her draft.

Tessy actively promotes a number of issues, including global health and women’s rights. She is passionate about pushing her different agendas to benefit the Sustainable Development Goals and has committed her time and energy to further the work of organizations that she believes in. Moreover, she is actively committed to strengthening basic human rights for all and empowering young women and adolescent girls around the world. She received the Woman of the Decade award from the Women Economic Forum in January 2017, the Humanities medal for spreading humanistic ideas worldwide, and the Global Empowerment Award for her work in Africa. Tessy holds an MSc in International Studies and Diplomacy. Currently, Tessy lives in London with her two sons but is often traveling for her various work projects.

Gabriel Ng

Gabriel Ng is passionate about understanding and increasing the social impact of organisations. He currently is a Social Impact Manager at Big Society Capital, the UK’s impact investing wholesaler. At BSC, he is responsible for impact measurement and management, as well as both investment analysis and ongoing portfolio management. Gabriel moved from Hong Kong to the UK to study law at the University of Cambridge (Trinity Hall). After graduating, he practised as a solicitor, working in London and New York for Shearman & Sterling for five years specialising in UK and cross-border corporate tax. His previous clients include Anglo American, Citi, Liberty Global, and Intercontinental Exchange. In 2016, he decided he wanted a career with social impact at its core, and so began a dual MBA/MPA at New York University. Over the course of the three-year degree, he completed fellowships at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law and in Microsoft’s human rights team, as well as consulting projects for Concern Worldwide US and the UN World Food Programme in Malawi. He has also assisted on and published several research papers with the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights. Finally, he oversaw the inaugural investment of the NYU Impact Investing Fund into Sapient, a Philly-based start-up that reduces greenhouse gas emissions through energy use management.

Joe Giordano

Dr Joe Giordano MRICS.MCIPR is an entrepreneur who has spent the last 15 years supporting a number of charities through his philanthropic endeavours. His entrepreneurial reach includes property development, investment, branding/marketing, website design, construction, music, real estate advisory and funding.
He is currently Chairman and Trustee of SAVSIM, an ambassador of Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Santa Maria Foundation in Columbia, helping vulnerable girls through education and music by building schools and orphanages.

Joe also mentors and supports a number of high-level military personnel and the explorer Rosie Stancer and through the mentoring helped establish and support the mental health initiative in South West London called The Girlness Project. Joe sits on the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor’s construction board and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He is a past Director of Torquay United Football Club and in 2011 he accepted the Freedom of the City of London. Joe brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience which provides structure and governance.

Rachel Warnick

Rachel specialises in short-term, intensive programmes focused on communications, essential business and academic skills, and English for Speakers of Other Languages. Her belief is that education must be exciting and relevant, and this principle is the bedrock of her curriculum design and facilitation style. Rachel has worked with a variety of institutions and private and corporate clients in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. She obtained a BA with High Distinction in East Asian Studies from the University of Toronto and an MSc in International Management at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). She spent fifteen years in business, gaining valuable experience in the finance, energy, and non-profit sectors, most notably with Goldman Sachs and the UNHCR, before returning to education. In addition, she has an extensive track record of volunteer work in the UK, Africa, and, most recently, with ProWiBo in India in 2018 and in Thailand in 2019. Canadian by birth but a nomad by nature, Rachel has lived in fourteen countries on four continents, and this lifelong exploration of a vast array of cultures gives a global perspective to her life and work.