Current Professors

Cognitive and Social Psychology

Dr Andrew Bell is a Senior Investigator Scientist with the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge, and Lecturer with the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. He did his undergraduate degree in Basic Medical Sciences and Doctorate in Physiology at Queen’s University in Canada. From there, he completed his post-doctoral studies at the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States before relocating to the United Kingdom. Dr. Bell teaches a number of subjects including psychology, statistics, and neuroscience. He also contributes to teacher training at the University of Oxford, and in 2013 was made Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Dr.Bell will be leading a course titled Why we think what we think (about others) – An Introduction to Cognitive and Social Psychology.

The course learning objective is to help students understand how to most effectively communicate information to others. Basic concepts of social psychology (i.e., how people interact with one another, how groups form, how to resolve conflict, etc.) will be paired with basic cognitive psychology (i.e., how we think, how we make decisions, how we evaluate information). Exercises will allow students to design presentations twice, once before psychological know-how is applied, and again at the end of the course when students learn how to apply effective communication tools to group psychology. Major course themes will focus on Social Identity Theory and Minimal Groups Paradigms, Empathy and Theory of Mind, Behavioural Economics, Decision-Making and Associative/Reinforcement vs. Instrumental Learning. This course will highlight skills useful for negotiations and decision-making in a professional setting.


Research Methodology

Dr. Bultitude is a Lecturer in Cognitive and Experimental Psychology at the University of Bath, UK. She did her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the Australian National University before moving to the United Kingdom to do a PhD in Psychology at Bangor University in North Wales. She then spent some time as a postdoctoral researcher at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Lyon before taking up a Junior Research Fellowship at St Anne’s College at the University of Oxford. Dr Bultitude teaches research methods, statistics, and cognitive neuropsychology. In her research, she investigates how we perceive the world around us by studying people who have impaired perception due to brain damage or chronic pain. Dr. Bultitude will be leading a course titled Running good research: an introduction to experimental methods.

The overall learning objective will be to help students learn how to conduct research in the real world that results in a positive impact on their life, community, and environment. Other learning objectives include formulating good research questions, gaining an understanding of the potential pitfalls that can bias research, and how to avoid them. The students will gain experience designing and conducting a study and interpreting results. Finally, students will learn how to explain research findings to others. The course will have a strong practical component in which students will work in groups to conduct real research projects. They will develop their practical research and communication skills.


Negotiations and Entrepreneurship

Chandni Hirani is from Nairobi, Kenya and is currently pursuing an MSc in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the London School of Economics. She is the founder of Kilimanjaro Green Energy, a social enterprise that brings solar lighting systems to entrepreneurial communities in Kenya. Her research at Prowibo is focusing on entrepreneurial education in Africa and its link to rural development.

Past Professors

Civil Society, Social Groups and Communities

Philippa is a doctoral student at the  London School of Economics. She holds a Masters in Social Policy research from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. She has taught in Russia and Italy and has experience working with the European Union in social policy. Philippa is also an avid fencer in her spare time and is currently a member of the Great Britain senior team .



Global Politics and Security, Model United Nations

Ena holds a Master of Letters in International Security Studies from the University of St. Andrews and currently lives in London. She has been working for PROWIBO as a grant coordinator since January 2017. Ena has worked on various research projects in both St Andrews and London with a focus on international relations, security and renewable energy. She has also been a consultant for the organization Grow Movement, which provides free business advice to entrepreneurs in various African countries and developed an NGO to teach primary school students in Ghana.


Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship

Till graduated from European Business School London with a undergraduate degree in Business and Spanish. Following his undergraduate degree, Till joined the young digital agency MBJ London as a member of the founding team. During his time at MBJ, he was in charge of all matters related to operations, including product design, project management, development management and most importantly, building great digital products for new ventures and established companies.

Currently, Till is studying a Master’s Degree in Design Management (Design Thinking) at IED Barcelona. There, he explores and deepens his knowledge in user research, ideation, customer development, prototyping and many other aspects that form part of a successful design process.

Till strongly believes and is driven by the magic of digital and design thinking to build products that solve real problems.


Design Thinking and First Aid

Mathieu is a French American design strategist. Having parents living in different countries, he had the opportunity to experience foreign cultures from a young age. This contrast led him to develop interests in how societies exchange information. He graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Images and Influence. Shortly after he returned to Paris and began working at J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in the creative execution team and Onirim production house as an account manager.

Bothered by the ephemeral nature of advertising, he decided  he wanted to do something with a stronger lasting impact. Now, he is finishing his Master’s Degree in Design Management at IED Barcelona. Taking advantage of his design background, here he uses a user centric approach at framing relevant problems in our society with the aim of developing solutions that improve everyday user experience. Mathieu is a strong believer that when good design and technologies are cocreated with user needs at the core, the opportunities are endless.