Our Finances

How we spend our money

In 2017, we spent 11,222.40GBP on our summer school programs. This was facilitated by private donors, including IED Barcelona who sponsored one professor in Uganda and Srinakharinwirot University who funded Sabrina’s course in Bangkok.

51% of our expenditures was spent on transportation costs, including inter-continental flights, boats and in-country commute.

Housing/accommodation was our second-biggest expense, eating up 30% of the budget.

Educational materials – i.e our textbooks – took up 13% of our budget.

The rest went towards travel insurance for our professors and visas.


Our 2018-19 budget

Our 2018 budget is more ambitious. We are sending a team to India, to Uganda, one or possibly more lecturers to Thailand and returning with two teams to Sierra Leone.

We are budgeting 25,000GBP to run 5 Summer Schools in 2018. Because of the scaling up of our work, we are also fundraising to cover basic operating costs.

Should you wish to contribute to our work, or sponsor an entire Summer School, please click the Donate button above.


At Professors Without Borders, we believe in transparency and public accountability.

Please view our Annual Reports here:

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report