Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors serves two major roles: to represent various industries and areas of expertise and to serve as advisors to the Directors. They act as a sounding board on all major decisions, provide feedback and help Directors shape the strategy of Professors Without Borders.

The advisory board meets three times a year, in the new year, before the summer and after the summer when our courses are completed.

Mrs. Kasia Hanula

Head of Policy and Advocacy at CONCORD Europe, CEO and Co-Founder of Piggly Foundation and Lecturer from our India programme.

Katarzyna (Kasia) is experienced in public policy strategies with more than 10 years experience running successful social impact campaigns and advocating on a wide range of legislative, regulatory and legal challenges. She has an outstanding record of achievement guiding the design, development, and implementation of policies and programs at the European and international levels on issues such as inequalities, financial reforms and digitalization. She was the European Commission expert advising on the reviews of the European acquis from the social perspective.

Fascinated by how technology is impacting our lives and forging new pathways for society she is involved in the discussion on future of work and digital for development at the EU level. She is currently working on a series of workshops aiming at digital transition and teaching digital skills for a social sector. 

She holds law and economics degrees from Poland and the USA, as well as a diploma in political psychology from Hungary, managerial credentials from Kenya and is currently pursuing her MBA in education leadership in Finland.

Mrs Ida Beerhalter

Co-Head of IOME, a private investment partnership of women principals from the Gulf region with its head office in Riyadh, KSA.

Mrs Beerhalter serves as Member of the Board, Trustee, Advisor and Expert to various for-profit and not-for-profit organisations around the globe specialised in a wide range of issues including Astia USA, Auma Obama Foundation Sauti Kuu Kenya / Germany, Omnia Strategy UK,  First Light Trust UK, Slavefreetrade Switzerland, Arab African Economic Development Initiative (AAEDI), Nigeria & Dubai, Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL), Switzerland, Bellwald Partner GmbH Switzerland, Impact Investment Partners LLP UK, Yunus Social Business GmbH Germany, Social Business Earth Switzerland, TBLI Group The Netherlands, Charité Foundation Summit Germany. As Investor, she also manages also her own investment portfolio and is a Member of Astia Angels. Mrs Beerhalter was awarded the TIAW World of Difference Award in 2015.


Dr Clifford Frank

Partner at LEXeFISCAL and Tax Attorney


Mr Piers Hedley

Independent Consultant for Ultra High Net Worth Families

Mr Piers Hedley has a background in corporate finance and has been working since 1987 as a consultant for International Ultra High Net Worth families. He has a very successful track-record offering strategic advice to entrepreneur-owners and has assisted them through large capital markets transactions. Mr Hedley also acts as a non-executive ‘chairman’ for a number of private companies owned by clients and in addition provides pro-bono services to a range of charitable organizations, including his family’s charitable activities.


Dr Carola Hieker

MBA Director at Richmond, the American International University in London

Dr Hieker is Professor of Organizational Behavior and a Senior Executive Coach with over 25 years of experience in leadership development. She is a founding partner for Diversity-in-Leadership and Hilcoaching, and her main clients are global companies in the Financial Services Sector as well as Professional Services Firms. Her focus in research lies in coaching, leadership and diversity. She is passionate about educational access for all and sits on the Advisory Board of ‘Professors Without Borders’.

Carola has university degrees as Diplom-Psychologin (corresponding to MA in Psychology) and Dr Phil (corresponding to PhD in Psychology.); she also completed a Diploma in Systemic Management at Birkbeck University and is an Ashridge Certified Supervisor (Master level).


Mr Marc Lewis

Dean at School of Communication Arts

Mr Lewis is a serial entrepreneur in creative industries. His start-ups have created over £50m in shareholder value. In 2010, he returned to the School of Communication Arts where he is the Dean. Mr Lewis is a champion of the role of education in creating creativity.

Ms Elvina Gilvanova

Founder of Primum Agmen and Yaudat

Elvina is the founder of Primum Agmen – a company, specialising in education, art and relocation as well as Yaudat – an online platform for students from all around the world. Throughout the years Elvina has been actively involved in charity work. She strongly believes that every child deserves a quality education and is making strenuous efforts to help this happen. Elvina holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance and French from Durham University and an MBA from Hult International Business School.