As an academic organisation, we are constantly revising and revisiting our assumptions, testing the literature and experimenting in the classroom.

We are currently running a number of research projects to validate our programs and improve the teaching experience of students. Each project is led by one of our Research Fellows with the support of the professors on the ground and our enthusiastic interns.

Teaching women

At the African Rural University, the first all-women’s university in Africa, we will be experimenting with teaching techniques to build confidence in women as learners and professionals.

The value of short courses

While the summer school model has been tried and tested, and short courses continue to increase in popularity, we will test whether we can bring added value to our students in Thailand, Uganda and Sierra Leone with intense short courses focusing on skills development.

Teaching in developing countries

Our lecturers will be tracking their journey, monitoring student performance and documenting successes and challenges throughout the course. These diaries will serve as a basis to develop new theories on teaching and inspiring students in different working environments.


We welcome collaborations with research institutions around the world that share our vision and values. As we are working to expand our Summer Schools globally, we are also keen on collaborating with various think tanks and research insitutions to improve our understanding of issues in education and development world-wide.

Our Partners