Final Presentations

Students did they final presentations today, showing off their toned research skills, their confidence in making verbal and visual presentations and demonstrating keen teamwork. Each course enjoyed presentations from our Summer School students and the classes were packed full. An eager audience, learning from each other

Showcasing our students’ work

As the Summer School in Uganda slowly comes to an end, we would like to showcase some of their best work. Students have been thriving in their team projects and came up with their favourite mottos for life. Our top pics were “appreciate anything you have. You can use it to inspire the world” and more »

Getting Political

Our students in Uganda have been getting political both locally and internationally. Thanks to Ena’s invitation, the local MP Hon Mussana Eric visited African Rural University  on Monday. He patiently answered the students’ questions for three hours. A true politician, our professors remarked that “he seems very involved in the community”. The visit led to more »

When expectations meet reality

Our professors have enjoyed a full week of teaching and have reported back that their expectations were far exceeded by reality. This is something we often encounter when traveling to a new place; low expectations, stereotypes and subjective experiences are all displaced after a few days of enjoying a different environment. The world in Ena’s more »

Teaching and Learning with our students

Our team in Uganda has been had at work adapting their classes to the students in Uganda. ARU is “full of intelligent people” and we have to prove our relevance to the students each day to make it worth their while to come to our classes. The Ladies of ARU coming up with ‘imagined realities’

Getting to know the first all-women’s university in Africa

We have been incredibly impressed by African Rural University, the first all-women’s university in Africa and recipient of the Ashoka award in social enterprise. The university offers an innovative and much-needed development program that empowers women thereby having a large knock-on effect on the entire community. Playing with Till’s drone, everyone loved it!

Killer Robots and other promises for our Asian future

“What a wonderful week” says Sabrina at the end of teaching her summer school in Thailand. The last day, the students had to present their country’s position on Killer Robots, a very topical issue currently considered by the United Nations.  Killer robots, our MUN topic

Overcoming hurdles and a warm welcome in Uganda

A landing in Uganda full of thrills and hurdles. And our team has been amazing! After being told our textbooks were being ‘held’ (by whom? where? why?), contacting every person we could think of at the shipping company, in politics, our partners at the university…, we finally managed to retrieve them thanks to the outstanding more »

A meeting of minds in Thailand

Sabrina has been experiencing the wonderful Thai hospitality thanks to the faculty at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok. After an enthusiastic welcome and a formal opening ceremony, Sabrina has enjoyed exchanging knowledge and ideas with local professors and getting to know her students. Signing-in ceremony Read on to find out more about her experience teaching in more »

Our first steps in Thailand

Sabrina has arrived at Srinakharinwirot University and has been welcomed in style! She will be working with students and faculty at the university to develop public speaking strategies, build confidence and strengthen communications skills through a Model United Nations Simulation. Sabrina at the MOU signing ceremony A huge thank you to the whole team at more »