Month: July 2017

Our Model UN Simulation

After visiting the chimpanzee sanctuary, the professors have been relaxing, enjoying the great local cuisine, and exploring the nightlife in Freetown – between classes that is. They have been resting for the main event for more »

Teaching styles and outcomes

Our students have learned a lot, but so have our professors. Their time in Sierra Leone has been rewarding, tiring, and enlightening despite all the scheduling conflicts and pouring rain. Yesterday was the end of more »

Where to find scholarships

    Scholarships in China With the improving relations between China and Africa and the development of China, more and more African students want to study in China. Many Chinese universities offer scholarships for African more »

Scholarships for African candidates

International Scholarships for African students A list of current opportunities including helpful links and advice. The Richard J. Van Loon Scholarship is being offered by Carleton University in Canada to African students looking to pursue undergraduate more »

Our students teaching us too!

At PROWIBO we are very passionate about our teaching style. We don’t believe in lecturing for the sake of lecturing. We want learning to be an interactive experience between the professor and the students. With more »

How to teach in challenging conditions

The second week in Freetown started off rainy. More rain than most of us could ever imagine. Yanoh woke up to a gloomy Monday, saying that “one of the biggest challenges is getting out of more »

Cultural acclimatization in Freetown

We are about to kick off our second week in Freetown! It’s been an incredible experience for our lecturers, who have had time to reflect on their first week, their relationships with the students, and more »

First experiences in Sierra Leone

Joanne went into this experience never having been to West Africa. She recently completed her PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics and decided to get involved with our program in Sierra more »

Our professors arrive in Freetown

Late last week, Charlie, Yanoh, Joanne and Majeks arrived in Freetown. For some it was their first time in West Africa, for others – a return to their family’s home. Joanne and Charlie were the more »